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TNPSCPortal.In's first publication, "General English for TNPSC Examinations" is on book stores now.

Salient Features of the book
☞ Comprehensive Study Material for TNPSC General English
☞ All the contents relevant to TNPSC General English Syllabus from 6th to 12th School Books have been compiled in a single book
☞ Practice Questions at the end of each topic 
☞ The only book which covers 2500 + Previous Year Questions  with Answers categorized topic wise

Book Details 

Author : Ms.Sarala Dhavamanoharan

Publisher : TNPSCPortal.In Publication

First Edition : December 2017

Number of Pages : xii, 796

Price : Rs.450/-

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(Rs.450/- including Courier Charges)
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tnpsc general english book

Feedback by the Aspirants !!!

The book is essential for everyone those who are opting General English. Main feature of this book is explanation of each and every part is very simple. There is no need to go through School books. All contents included in this book.

-Gavernar M,Salem


Coming to previous year questions compilation, yes it's a blessing to the aspirants from this author. Great effort is put upon for this, I salute. To conclude, except Part A and some typo errors in the book, everything went so well for me."

- Jegan nivas R,Chennai


One of the best compilation book for general English I have ever seen with previous year question paper practice sets. Especially I thanks to the author sarala dhavamanoharan...

-Naveen, Pudukkottai


Really good and useful book for tnpsc general english.I have done very well in group 2 exam general english.Thanks & Thumb ups

Best English book I have ever seen.. Awesome for TNSPC Group Exams. I think with this book anyone can clear all TNPSC group exam where-ever English is compulsory... Pls continue your work mam.. Congrats.... 
-Muthu Kumaran,Thanjavur

Bought this book 3 months back .Read 2-3 chapters a day - did all review questions this makes me think so confident in writing exam .The test ended up being very easy for me and I thank this book for it.
-Leo Berlin,sivaganga

Really nice to have one book which covers all topics for tnpsc general English. Few suggestions are to correct spell mistakes and to provide page number when mentioning to refer part C or B for already mentioned that it will be easier to go through quickly.

This one book is enough is score above 90. Thanks a lot
-Vaishali Kilary,Chennai

"I'm very much satisfied with your English book. From this one book we can complete the whole syllabus.First of all thank you
Then drawbacks I observed was the 1.size of font is so small
2.some mistakes are there in printing
3.some more book back questions to be added
But overall it is superb!

"General English for TNPSC Exams" by Sarala Dhavamanoharan is a must buy for TNPSC Aspirants....I hope it would really help if the same be revised with the New syllabus books as well.
-KP, Chennai

Perfect ! For preparation.

Very useful. Thankful to the author for such an useful book for the aspirants who are preaparing tnpsc from home. 

Great compilation. I reduce my searching time in websites. The book covers 90% questions asked in group 2 exam. Best!

The book is very useful while seeing the old question paper topic wise. Its very useful. But only thing is it can be updated. last few english question papers are not added.

Book is very nice compilation to study All part without skipping any part.
-Vinodbabu A,Theni 

"Thank you for such a valuable book.
I here suggest some points.
1. Provide answers for book back antonyms and synonyms separately.
2. Provide answers for grammar part in the book back.
3. There might  be typing mistake for the options. So please mention the answer instead of option for book back alone.
-Priashruthi selvaraj,Nagapattinam